Event date: 29-30 June 2019
Starting time: 9:00 (be sure to be there 30min in advance to collect your chip!)

The Dutch Ultraskate 2019 will be hosted at the same location as the previous editions (2013-2018): the Wheelerplanet cycling track in Spaarndam (near Haarlem). The track is owned by the cycling club: H.S.V. de Kampioen. The track has a length of 3150m (1.95731926 miles) and is protected from the wind by the trees next to track. The track is almost flat with only one very minor bump. The quality of the pavement in general is very good!

It is possible to set up a tent next to track. There is a dressing room next to track with a tap to refill your empty water bottles. Toilets are also available. Be sure to bring plenty of food because no food will be provided by the organisation. The entry fee this year will be €35.

For an impression of the track and the Dutch Ultraskate vibe check out the videos page.

Address of the track:

Wheelerplanet Zijkanaal C Weg 8
2064 KA Spaarndam

More information: