Last weekend we went back to the nostalgic the 'Toolenburger plas' near Hoofddorp. For a couple of years this has been our Dutch Ultraskate location. The length of exactly 3km and the presence of a MyLapse timing point made it a very convenient spot for an Ultraskate. Most people found out why at the same time the spot is also quite inconvenient: two small uphills, speed bumps, loads of pedestrians, annoying dogs and skating against the wind. For all the nostalgic feelings we decided that six hours instead of 24 was more than enough. The weather was great for the time of the year. I was amazed by all the enthusiasm and all the great skating. I want to mention Benjamin and especially his nine-year-old daughter who came all the way from Germany and managed to skate 75km in six hours! Surprise of the day was Tijn, pretty much unknown to the distance skating world, who managed to get the second distance of nearly 114km! I think some people might have expected that Rick would not stop skating after six hours, he was perfectly on schedule for skating 500km+ in 24 hours.

Photos and text by: Lennart van de Peppel