Today we had a distance skateboarding meet at 'het Lint' in Utrecht organised by Luutse. 'Het Lint' is an 8 kilometre track free of cars. Besides all the talk about bushings, wheels, trucks and boards there was also a race. The strong wind did not discourage anyone but it did make the race a little tougher. The race consisted of two laps, a total of 16km. Rick took first place, Robbert second and John-Paul third. Afterwards we had a nice beer at the Maximus brewery which is located next to the track. Thanks everyone for joining and all the positive energy, it is really good to see so many folks at these events!

- Lennart

#NameLap 1Lap 2Total time
1Rick Pronk19.2320.1539.38
2Robbert van Haaften19.3821.0740.45
3John Paul Kloosterman20.4320.5341.36
4Lennart Van de Peppel20.4820.4941.37
5Stan Bekker20.4221.3542.17
6Shumie Loo21.0321.5442.57
7Arnoud Poll Jonker22.1822.1044.28
8Tom Driedonks22.3722.3745.14
9Robin Zaagsma22.2423.2145.45
10Maarten van Heel23.0724.2547.32
11Roghandey Todirijo23.1524.3247.47
12Erik de Noorman24.3124.2448.55
13Patrick van Berkel25.4725.1351.00
14Rosanne de Lange25.5525.2151.16
15Jery Baan25.2525.5151.16
16Jendrossek Sip26.5326.5853.51
17Daniëlle van Veen27.1327.3854.51
18Nathan Vervoort27.1227.4454.56
19Naomi Meijerink28.2830.2058.48
20Paul de Beer29.4839.141.09.02
21Paul van Gils30.2338.391.09.02