The first Dutch Pyramid Uphill Push Contest was a success! The bad weather made this race a lot more difficult: slippery corners and loss of grip while pushing. Only the hardcore Dutch skaters showed for this race! A fun day with a lot of good vibes. We would like to thank Eric for organizing this event and Jery and Paul for their help! Results:

#RiderFastest timePoints DDcup
1Lennart van de Peppel2:2910
2Rick Pronk2:358
3Paul Brunninkhuis2:456
4Bram Alferink2:494
5Luutse Brouwer2:572
6Patrick Berenschot3:001
7Patrick van Berkel3:071
8Dennis Nagtegaal 4:121
Luutse and Patrick

Luutse & Patrick, photo by: Lennart van de Peppel