We have 2 boards up for raffle: Number 1, the GBomb deck and number 2, the pumper. These are sponsored by 1166 Longboards

Keep this in mind:
– Raffle tickets cost 5 euros a piece
– Only two raffle tickets per board per person
– There are 30 tickets available for the gbomb deck
– There are 40 tickets available for the pumper
– All money earned by this raffle will be spend on the ultraskate
– If not all raffle tickets are sold, the rest of the tickets are available at the ultraskate
– Both the decks will be raffled at the Dutch Summer Solstice Ultraskate
– If you won a deck and you’re not a the ultraskate; we can send it to you (you pay the shipping costs tho..)

How to enter this contest?
– Send an email to; info@dutchdistanceskaters.com
– Tell us how many raffletickets you want and for which board (max. 2 tickets per board per person)
– We will send you the paying instructions!